Rehabilitation & Performance

Winding Creek Farm is an innovative Thoroughbred rehabilitation and training center. The Leatherman’s command a solid training program that will take your horse from breaking to the winners circle.

The thoroughbred industry has seen many changes over the years and they are having major impacts on the sport of horse racing and most importantly the horses. It is no surprise that the average starts per horse per year have made a dramatic decline.

The common practice of treating soundness issues and other health problems with a “band aid” instead of getting to the root of the program makes it clear why our racehorses are at risk today. And with the current drive toward strict drug rulings and bringing back the sport of racing, there has never been a better time to get your horse on the winning program.

We feel it is important for owners to be kept informed of the health of their horses and to be offered solutions for longevity in performance of their equine partners.  We feel many but not all lameness, poor performance and health issues can be addressed without dangerous medications but with sound nutrition and good horsemanship. Just getting back to the basics like feeding the way nature intended, balancing their feet, removing the stress, addressing the root of any unsoundness issues and giving them a good, clean environment with only the best hay and feed, sets them ahead of the game.

Our commitment is to accept horses with injuries, soundness and performance issues and the ones in need of freshening and return them to racing successfully whether it be at the track or on the farm. It all begins with a team of seasoned professionals, a well thought out comprehensive treatment plan (Individually based) and when the time is right, a return to positive training and success!

Amenities include:

  • 5 horse equisizer
  • Round pen, small paddock, individual and large paddock turn out
  • Half mile dirt race track
  • One mile turf gallop
  • Experienced and talented riders for therapy and conditioning
  • Peaceful gallops and hills to develop muscle and calm the mind