Broodmare Care & Foaling

What makes Winding Creek Farm a truly exceptional broodmare facility is the individual care and attention given its tenants on a daily basis. Our dedication to ensuring each mare is happy and comfortable is what makes us stand out from all the rest. From nutrition to reproduction, all our efforts are focused on each mare’s individual needs.

One of the secrets to our success is the daily route of handling each mare individually and keeping the same group together from conception to foaling.  Mares are grouped according to personality providing a harmonious environment for rest, foal development and pregnancy success.

Barren mares are started under lights early and teased daily with behavior and status observed and recorded. All mares are on a strict vaccination and deworming schedule and received routine farrier and dental care.

As the foaling nears, our broodmares are under 24-hour surveillance accomplished by individual stall cameras, foal pagers and good  old fashioned foal watching.

All foaling is performed by Brad and Faith Leatherman themselves which they have done as a team for over 18 years.  When the foals are born, they are handled right away and this practice continues throughout their stay at Winding Creek Farm. This early attention we feel makes all the difference in a developing foal.